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Need to hold some stitches, or try on a garment mid-progress?

What about provisional cast ons?

Maybe you need the needles for another project? (Multiple WIPs are 100% endorsed here!) 


Stitch Noodles FANTASTIC!!


They are flexible hollow cords, you can quickly slip the end onto the tip of a needle and slide your stitches onto the cord. Then, easily do the reverse to get your stitches back on the needle!


There are two sizes:

MEGA are great for needles 4mm and up

NANO are perfect for smaller sizes down to 1.5mm


The sets are packaged in a cute pink tin and include the following lengths:

  • 1x 150cm (colour)
  • 2 x 60cm (white)
  • 2x 40cm (MEGA black or NANO grey)

Stitch Noodle Cords