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About Me

Hi lovelies! Welcome, I'm so glad you are here!!


I’m Lisa (she/her), the face and (often messy) hands behind EleventyOne Windmills!

Original Artwork.
Digital Design.
Produced In-House.
High-Quality Hand Finishing.

snow white.png

The road so far...

I started EleventyOne Windmills in 2021, after leaving a teaching career of almost 20 years.


My little family left the big city and moved to Newcastle, on the east coast of Australia, and the change in routine, lifestyle and a desperate desire to explore my creative side resulted in this design venture.


It has been an exciting time to say the least!

My coolest tool is my laser cutter, and I’m so excited to create innovative products that combine my love of traditional fibre-crafts and cutting edge technology.


Puns always intended.

Wondering about my brand name?

Pre-kids, Mr Windmills and I took an epic roadtrip, driving and camping around the South East Corner of Australia. We drove south through the mountains, across to the outback regions of central NSW, through the winding hills and rivers of South Australia and along the coast of Victoria. Throughout the drive we fiercely competed over number of windmills we spotted. I claimed victory at the end of our trip with 111 windmills on my tally. 

The "Windmills Game" is now the kids favourite roadtrip spotting competition!

Also, I'm a huge nerd.

"Alas, eleventy-one years is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits."        - Bilbo Baggins

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