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These handy Increase / Decrease Minders are perfect for keeping up with stitches without having to check the pattern!


They include commonly used increases and decreases: yo, m1L, m1R, ssk, and k2tog.

Includes a signature "windmill" BOR.


The beautiful bell flowers are uniquely etched on both sides, so not only do you have the functional element, but also a beautiful set of stitch markers.


The attachments are removable bulb pins. 


Inspired by elements of nature, the ELEMENTS range features functional and beautiful goodies that every knitter needs. Stitch counters, increase/decrease minders, wraps per inch tools and more! Check the rest of the ELEMENTS range to complete your set!

Timber ELEMENTS are created using an Australian-made timber plywood, produced from high-quality FSC Certified materials.


All designs and artwork are original; designed and handmade by Lisa in her studio in Newcastle, NSW.

Inc/Dec Stitch Markers - ELEMENTS

2-3 weeks production time

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