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The Magical Terrarium - 2024 Advent

Imagine stepping through an enchanted doorway inside THE MAGICAL TERRARIUM and being transported to a tiny fantasy forest world!

Our advent-ure takes us through magical foresty landscapes, collecting mystical items and tiny plants as we explore this miniature magical microcosm!


With this year's advent theme I feel like I'm concocting a magical potion that combines a love of tiny plants in terrariums, and fantasy worlds and magical themes! I can't wait to share these goodies with you!

Advents are launching Saturday 27th April at 12.00pm AEST

Please note, the Yarn Collab & Stitch Marker Box launches at12.10pm AEST

All products will be marked as "sold out" until the launch time.


  • Advents are a preorder item

  • they are scheduled to ship by 4th November

  • if purchasing advent 1 & 2, or adding a mystery bag to your order, your shipping will be combined and refunds will be processed at the time of shipping

  • Please purchase Advent items separately from other shop items. Purchasing shop items at the same time as advent items may incur additional shipping charges which will be invoiced separately. Thanks for understanding!

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