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Extend your size ranges from the interchangeable sets with extra tips and extra cables.


The tips are 10cm bamboo SPIN tips with [L] fittings.
The cables are the super popular red TWIST cables.


There are two expansion packs, they include:

  • 5.5mm, 6mm and 6.5mm SPIN bamboo tips (10cm length)


and ONE of the following options:

  • [L] size cables - 30”/75cm, 37”/93cm, and 50”/125cm

  • [S] size cables - 30”/75cm, 37”/93cm, and 50”/125cm and a set of 2x adapters to join the [L] tips to the [S] cables


These expansion packs are a great way to extend your interchangeable set without needing to purchase a whole extra set or to try out the tips and lengths for a variety of projects.


These size needles are only available in the [L] fitting so you can select either the matching cables expansion pack, or select the [S] cables expansion pack to be able to use the cables seamlessly with your existing [S] set.

Chiaogoo Interchangeables - Expansion Packs

PriceFrom $66.00

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